Monday, April 9, 2012


Oh yeah!!! Too funny! We all know the negative way to incorporate the word "Ho". Think of a couple to know you just smiled. Of course that is not what pirates meant by by that word. The whores during the era of pirates where not called "hos", they were called wenches. "Ho" is an expression of joy or to attract attention to something. "Land Ho!!!" By all means, if you see a ho you can say "land ho" unless she is in the water or on a If you are at your favorite restaurant and you have been waiting a long time for your food, when you finally see the sever walking toward your table with it you can say "Food Ho!!!" Hopefully she will have a sense of humor. I know I would. Savvy?

***A to Z Challenge***


  1. I love your blog. How creative. Do you do the pirate fairs?

  2. Stopping by from A-z.
    Funny but though provoking too.
    Your blog is the 2nd pirate one I have visited today. Interesting trend I see here.
    Good stuff.
    ~Naila Moon

  3. I laughed so hard reading this post! :)

  4. *snicker, snicker*
    reading Robinson Crusoe right now. lots of pieces of eight, um, no johnny depp :(

  5. Short and sweet but with great impact. Love it.

    By the way, you have not disabled word verification which asks those who made comments here to prove that they are not robots and gave us some letters to type out. Just to let you know.

  6. Yay! it's great to find more pirates in this challenge. I love the great look of this blog. Glad to have found you. That's the joy of the A-Z.

    Quig Land
    A Pirate Looks Past Sixty
    Pirate Knitting

  7. Seriously? A pirate blog in which I get to look at Jack AND learn to speak pirate? How could I not follow?

  8. Swinging through from the A to Z page. This blog is kind of serendipitous because our Science Museum currently has an exhibit on Real Pirates so it makes me want to go see it.

    Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  9. Just popping by - YO HO! Fun post!

  10. A bit of pirate speak to tutor the masses :-) Much appreciated! Nice post :-)

  11. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z Challenge. Can you believe the challenge is almost over? Lovely blog...good luck with future posts!

    Donna L Martin

  12. Funny how the meaning of words change over time. Thanks for sharing.