Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Belay That!!!

Another phrase for you to use in an everyday conversation or just anytime the mood strikes you. As you probably know it means that the captain has changed his or her mind (unlikely) and wants you to stop what he or she told you to do and do something else. For example, say you have just finished “laying your lover down by the fire” and ask them to go make you a sandwich…. you say “ Belay That!! Come back to bed yer Captain is not quite finished with you!” Savvy?

***A to Z Challenge***


  1. I'm going to use this now...The Hubs called, do I want bacon or sausage for dinner tonight. I said saugage. BELAY THAT! I want bacon!

  2. YES! Captain Jack Sparrow is the best. I LOVE when he belays things. Great post and happy A-Z blogging.