Monday, April 9, 2012


Oh yeah!!! Too funny! We all know the negative way to incorporate the word "Ho". Think of a couple to know you just smiled. Of course that is not what pirates meant by by that word. The whores during the era of pirates where not called "hos", they were called wenches. "Ho" is an expression of joy or to attract attention to something. "Land Ho!!!" By all means, if you see a ho you can say "land ho" unless she is in the water or on a If you are at your favorite restaurant and you have been waiting a long time for your food, when you finally see the sever walking toward your table with it you can say "Food Ho!!!" Hopefully she will have a sense of humor. I know I would. Savvy?

***A to Z Challenge***

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Give No Quarter!!!!

OK...the first thing that comes to mind is "No I won't give you a quarter." My crazy kids always asking for a quarter to get a piece of gum out of the machine at the mall. "Here I sit...brokenhearted...gave a quarter and only...hey, got a quater?" All are great lines but not what the phrase means. It means to show no mercy. We are talking about pirates here so I'm not expecting you to use the phrase in a negative way. I'm sure you can find a way to use it that is creative and most importantly...humorous! Savvy?

***A to Z Challenge***

Friday, April 6, 2012


OK! You caught me! Just call me Skippy Skiperson. I didn't post for "E". I could "spin a yarn" and say I forgot but that wouldn't be the truth. I couldn't think of an "E" word. Awe poor Jack, "exiled" and made governor of an uncharted island. Oh wait....there's rum! All is not lost. He just has to braid his back hair and make a rope, tie a couple of sea turtles together and ride them to civilization. Unless he was "exiled" with me as his company...he would never want to leave. Savvy?

***A to Z Challenge***


Seems like "flog" would be the obvious "F" word for today's challenge so I went with it. Of course "flog" or "floggin" means to whip severly (which a good whippin is sometimes a good thing). Let's use this "F" word as THE "F" word. "Are you "floggin" kidding me?!!" or "What's your "floggin" problem?" I would really love to read how you used this word today. Be creative and have fun with it. Savvy?

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Once again, sorry for the late entry. This is one for the men. "Look at the "deadlights" on that wench." Ladies...please don't get angry about this word. Whether he means it in the way you are thinking or in the way that the word is really meant, it is flattering. "Deadlights" means eyes. Haha...gotcha. You can however get a tad upset about the "wench" part. Men....this can just be another code word for you and the boys to talk about us gorgeous ladies. Savvy?

***A to Z Challenge***

Cackle Fruit!!!

Sorry about being late on the C day of the challenge. Let's talk about "cackle fruit". First try to imagine what it is................ok ok stop thinking inappropriate thoughts (eventhough I bet they are great images). Cackle fruit is pirate slang for chicken eggs. Try to use it to break up a awkward Saturday morning with your family or maybe make a server at IHOP smile. "I will have an 3 "cackle fruit", spinach and mushroom omlette, side of bacon and wheat toast please." Either way you decide to use it it will make you and anyone else's day. Savvy?

***A to Z Challenge***

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Belay That!!!

Another phrase for you to use in an everyday conversation or just anytime the mood strikes you. As you probably know it means that the captain has changed his or her mind (unlikely) and wants you to stop what he or she told you to do and do something else. For example, say you have just finished “laying your lover down by the fire” and ask them to go make you a sandwich…. you say “ Belay That!! Come back to bed yer Captain is not quite finished with you!” Savvy?

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