Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Once again, sorry for the late entry. This is one for the men. "Look at the "deadlights" on that wench." Ladies...please don't get angry about this word. Whether he means it in the way you are thinking or in the way that the word is really meant, it is flattering. "Deadlights" means eyes. Haha...gotcha. You can however get a tad upset about the "wench" part. Men....this can just be another code word for you and the boys to talk about us gorgeous ladies. Savvy?

***A to Z Challenge***


  1. OMG. After having nursed two children "deadlights" def does NOT apply to my eyes. But thank you for the attempt at convincing me otherwise!

  2. i wonder why deadlights? it's sounds unenthusiastic.... and combined with wench... it sounds really bad.... LOL

  3. lol You made me snort my root beer! That's great, we lasses will have to pay attention to what the men are saying about us :D